The Complete Cali Girl

Yo yo! I'm Amanda, a San Diego girl born and raised, with a sexy alter ego Char Cooterie. I know we are a rare breed. I had my time away living in Oahu, Florida and England, but I came back because the Golden State is in my blood. I find myself in stellar places with awesome people and thought you all should know about it. Welcome to my world...we have coffee and lots of jokes. Really A LOT of jokes.

I run a candid podcast, Coffee and Cake, and this time my website is going to be the same. Formalities dropped, this is how I view things and it's more fun for me. I put in the work and don't want my stuff to be boring. I'm a fan of my podcast and now wanted to have the same love of my site. I mean, how cool is my logo right?! There was a lot of effort and years in planning that sweet logo. If you got this far, I'm impressed, and want to say my bear needs a name. Email me possible names and when I find one I like I'll send you a mini thank you basket;

Holla at my ride or die Tumbles. 

Get stoked and enjoy!

coffee with my best friend